Our approach is to explore the elements of the compass, first as a direct lesson and then invite you to partake in some experiences that reinforce the major elements.
After this it becomes a matter of the more you work with it on a personal level, the more it becomes a part of your life perspective.
It’s a compass for a voyage we are all on.


Individual and work situations are extremely varied. While the voyage has a practical focus and can lead to personal and organizational efficiencies, the effect of focusing on well being is also to rejuvenate body and soul.


  • It is based on science research conducted in New Zealand but with universal application.

  • It addresses an employers responsibility to their employees under the Health and Safety Act to manage workplace stress reduction.

  • It integrates experiences to do with fishing, one of NZ most popular recreational activities.

  • It is workplace education (as differentiated from training) leading to happier  employees and greater workplace productivity.

  • It offers an enjoyable experiential way of learning.

  • Ideally we like to present it as a 2 day, 2 nights  voyage but we can adjust  the workshop up or down to suit your time frames.

  • Getting to Opotiki can include stop overs at popular Taupo, Matamata, Rotorua, White Island and more.

  • Basic stand alone 2 whole days, two nights voyage for up to 10 people, including gear for supported choices of self directed experiences  is $500 per person.  Min 4 people.


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