Whale walk and ambergris hunt.

Turn your beach combing walks into an exciting hunt for real treasure.


Just some 15 minutes drive out of Opotiki is a new Regional Park, Onekawa. A short walk up a steep track and you will gain a vantage point that will let you see out over a vast area of ocean. Look out to White Island where deep oceanic undersea trenches lie. Simultaneously take in the Maori history of an ancient Pa site.

Just as in earlier times, looking out for the tell tale spouts of rising whales will alert you to their presence. Whale Island looks near and the panoramic views are really what its all about.

Sadly 2014 saw some 40 pilot whales beach themselves just below the lookout in Ohiwa Harbor.

On the way back along the beach keep an eye open for ambergris. We will show you what it looks like and where to look. Every tide brings new opportunity.

Much better than buying a Lotto ticket every week. New Zealand exports around $10 million dollars worth of ambergris found often by accident along our coast lines every year.

Ambergris washed up on sandy shores is less likely to break up. Just this year one surfer found a lump worth $10000.

Going on evening and the sun getting low is an especially spirit filled time to be out searching.

It can be breezy and cool up high so take a wind breaker. Comfortable old walking shoes are best.