Reef Building  - every reef has a story


This voyage starts with the foundation Tiaki Moana (caring for the sea) tour,  includes a challenging 15 minute video on growing 'Fish enough for All' . This is followed by a more in depth power point presentation outlining what has been undertaken world wide with artificial reef building and the differentiating principles behind our unique 'seabed enhancement model' a.k.a. reef building are explored.


The second part of the journey involves hands on practical reef module building and work with varied reef deployment methods. Your fee includes all materials used, naming rights on the reef module you personalize and the right to a certificated reef module complete with location. We want you to be part of the reef's story, its whakapapa ( Maori belonging)

This three day/two night reef building workshop program is designed to take you to a stage where you could easily construct reef modules in your own backyard, deploy them from a recreational fishing boat, and become one more person partnering with nature to grow more fish in the sea.


Our live in cost structure includes basic accommodation at 'The Wharf Hub', facilitating, all practical materials, crafting modules, certification and later module deployment in the Community Reef.


Taken as a separate shortened stand alone course the fee and materials component is $750 per person.