Our Mission

The Wharf Hub's mission is to enhance marine life and human well being.

Innately we can all sense that these two things are quite interdependent - marine life and human well being. After all no one wants to live by polluted waterways nor have oceans that are devoid of marine life.  Our mission is to enhance the life of both.  

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"The key elements that are likely to make up the future of tourism involve human interaction, education, genuine experiences and an element of giving back." 

Our story in a pipi shell. 
In 2007 we were pioneering a concept of building a 'Community Reef' close to the Opotiki Harbour entrance which would provide more diverse and sustainable fishing for the local community. Four key elements to the project were identified in the  early days of marine enhancement work that are now depicted as a logo on the bow of our office boat at The Wharf Hub. 
Some years later we realized that aligned principles were part of a researched sociological project called the 'Map of Meaning' used to help people in the workplace to deal with stresses and so on. 
Our voyages at the Wharf Hub aim to integrate fishing experiences with personal growth and helping the marine environment. 

Whereas once common well being guidance was of terms of achieving  balanced work-family-personal lives, today the focus has changed to developing more meaningful lives.

The Wharf Hub works with principles based in scientific research that have proven helpful to many and presents them as 'Guided Voyages' that you can take.  Some 'Voyages' you can undertake independently.

We hope our 'Voyages' will offer new information, bring focus, reduce stress, help us to be more effective in the workplace and help the marine environment too.

Our approach.

​​In making a difference our approach is to outline a few snippets of knowledge, and then invite you to partake in some soft adventures (experiential exercises) that pattern the knowledge outlined.
Once introduced, patterned and nurtured in your life, this tiny seed is able to  crystallize and grow in your life. (Copyright REAF 2020)