Zeand fishing proposes some 'realities' and then sets about , with your help, to investigate their helpfulness and truth by trying to quantify and record results. 


So before we start getting the rods and bait ready, there are a few foundation understandings that Zeand fishers need to hook into in their desire to both catch more fish and help make a difference in the marine world.

  1. Like a gardener who digs his soil, rakes it to a fine tilth, sows seed, weeds, cultivates and harvests his vegetables, so too can continual actions fishermen take lead to fish for all. (Refer 'Creeping baseline' blog)

  2. A second principle is understanding that our world is essentially a non-linear world.  So called 'FREAK WAVES' are non-linear expressions of waves that build up to 30m tall. (Search YouTube  - Freak wave videos) So if we give something back to the marine world it often responds in abundant ways. (Refer 'Sea-grass' blog)

  3. Mysterious unseen forces exist in the universe. Many of us who live by the coast watch our tides go in and out, knowing that there is an invisible force between land, sun and moon exerts itself on the ocean.

  4. Fourthly it is observed that even a small force, applied consistently, is capable of making a big difference.  Slowly rusting rebar in concrete will eventually cause the concrete to crack and fall apart. (See pic this page)

  5. Fifth is the awareness that experienced fisher folk oft come to. That the fish, the ocean, the sun, the moon and ourselves are all interconnected.  While many fishermen consult sol-lunar tables for the best bite times, what if the X factor lies within ourselves? 
    As one fishing magazine writer put it, 'If your bait is well presented, if the tides and time of day are right, if you are in the right spot and the fish aren't biting, then check your attitude!'

  6. But wait, there's more. Zeand fishing acknowledges that its approach is nascent, that others now and in the future are going to add to our knowledge in ways not yet envisaged. 


With these factors in mind, we can see that we don't need to be sinking huge reef structures in order to help the marine world. In fact lots of fisher-folk making small efforts can create a huge effect because they are helped by invisible forces and the fact that our world often responds in non-linear ways.

In a pipi shell, if we do something in return for the marine world, it will respond with abundance.

So with such core understandings at hand, your Zeand fishing experience will walk you through some of the finer points and give you some practice time catching hard fighting kahawai.

Note too all these foundation principles are covered again in our short on site Wharf Hub introductory garden walkabout.