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For many years pre Covid 19 The Wharf Hub offer a no frills budget rate accommodation option  for those overseas visitors with working holiday visas undertaking seasonal work in Opotiki and staying a month or more.


Weekly rates and conditions.

Registration form to be completed on arrival.  Full weeks payment upfront. Please note that staying at the Wharf Hub is considered as a house sharing arrangement. (Aka Flatmates) The rules are there for everyone's Health and Safety and any infringement can result in instant eviction.  See * below.

Anti social behavior, theft, endangering others and inconsiderate acts may also result in one being requested to leave.


Working holiday stay rates for a month and more

  • help is offered with finding employment in local kiwifruit orchards and packhouses (picking/packing season usually starts at beginning of March  and runs through to mid June.  Immediately following this kiwifruit vine pruning starts and goes going on through winter months June to October, and fruit thinning October Nov, December, vine thinning and fruit selection Jan, Feb, March)

  • SECURITY / BREAKAGE deposit may be asked of you depending on maturity.  Usually $100 is asked to be held and refunded on your leaving. Breakage might also include breaking the one month expected employment and accommodation term.

  • This is a no frills rate of $190 per week (2023 for working holiday visa people only. You must be working to gain it. If you lose your job and still staying then the costs go up and so does your weekly rate to $220 a week. ( $5 a day extra to allow for extra power use, etc. Common Backpacker rates)

  • Your rate does include many extras not common in Backpackers or Lodges.  Sanitizing hand cleaners, printed toilet paper, house cleaning, a community chest of cooking herbs, spices, salt pepper, glad wrap, paper towels, baking utensils, etc  Free use of clothes washing machine. Veges, herbs from the garden.

  • reserved cupboard space  in kitchen, and half a fridge shelf per person plus named items in freezer.

  • we offer clean comfortable accommodation and a good nights sleep on inner sprung mattresses.  The atmosphere is friendly relaxed. You are expected to keep your own room and bed clean and tidy, dry and put away the dishes you use, recycle correctly, be considerate.

  • Our guest numbers are  very low compared to other BackPackers or Lodges but we can only keep our prices down to bare basics if everyone understands and shares in our ecological living style. Details on what this entails are below.

  • Van dwellers can be accommodated, with a deduction of $10 pp applying to the weekly rate.


We understand that saving as much of your wages as you can is important to you so you can keep traveling and experiencing wonderful New Zealand but...

Rent must be paid on time for the week ahead.

Part weeks rent on leaving is accounted at $30 a day. ( In line with local short term stay Backpacker rates)

Any breakages must be made good. Treat the house and grounds with respect.  Extra care with opening windows on windy days and shoes worn inside must have clean soles.

Sheets and pillow cases must be washed regularly (at least fortnightly) or a new set could be purchased and invoiced to you. ($30 from K Mart)


Living moderately includes

(Note: We promote at The Wharf Hub that developing a sustainable future will be built upon each individual learning to live with moderation. This is a key learning that we are keen to relay to those staying longer term. 

Sometimes these are quite simple energy saving things such as

  • pull the curtains closed on sunset, open during the day.

  • living simply - not overloading fridge/freezer space.

  • using the sun and wind to dry and UV sterilize washing

  • one shower daily around 5 mins hot water. Showers are costed at $3 each per day. If you are timed having excessively long showers or showering twice daily you can expect to pay extra.

  • Baking cakes and bread all cost in power. Lloyd promotes an utu ( Maori reciprocity) philosophy on extras...e.g. offer a muffin in exchange for power usage.-

  • 2 uses of washing machine a week should be sufficient.  You must supply your own top loading quality laundry powder. Do not overload the machine!

  • Keeping the house 'ship shape'. Everything has its place. Every broom has a place to hang. Be mindful of where things come from. This is free mindfulness training for you!

*Please be aware of NZ drug laws.   The Wharf Hub and kiwifruit industry are strictly drug free. Marijuana smoking or possession is a criminal offense in NZ and could result in deportation.

*You may have an alcoholic drink after a hard days work but if you wish to drink/party with others you must go elsewhere. No drinking in house after 8.30 pm.  Do not arrive back drunk and disturb others or start cooking. (Hazardous)

*The Wharf Hub is a smoking restricted property.  A covered woodshed seat out back exists for those who must indulge.

*Although we operate on trust and do not lock bedroom doors, others may not enter rooms unless specifically invited.



Yes it does happen but accommodation is our field. Friends visiting can sometimes be accommodated at $30 a night.


Included in your weekly rent are:

Unlimited wifi but please don't be downloading movies or streaming when the house is full or usage high. It helps too if your phone wifi is turned off if not in use. Update apps in low use times. The Opotiki Library in town also offers free internet 24 hrs a day.

We also have google chromecast, DVDs, jigsaws, chess and games available for those wet days. The Opotiki Library also offers free streaming movies if you join ( free) .

Initial free copying of passport and work visa for contractors if needed. (many have it stored on their phones).

Weekly transport trip to the local New World supermarket if needed. Usually late Thursday afternoon.  (a good 4 Square grocery shop is 5 minutes walk away). Town bikes are also available but lock them up or if they are stolen you will be responsible for replacement @ $120 bike)

We have a basic first aid kit.  We offer medical help and support as required, (in case of sickness or accident).

You can use our mailing address of The Wharf Hub, 1 High Str., OPOTIKI 3122 New Zealand but make sure mail is stopped when you leave.

In Autumn and Winter the kitchen dining area is kept warm with a wood stove that you can cook on also.

Beds can have electric blankets for warmth in winter months.

Fan heaters for bed rooms are available so long as a deposit is paid beforehand. Excessive power use over annual norm to be deducted.

In summer the free water park over the road provides fun and a welcome cooling off after a hot days work in the orchard.


We like to do something social now and then such as have shared meals or a BBQ, a pizza night, a video night, an evening walk, fishing trip, visit Taketakerau, etc  These events often arise spontaneously. You are welcome to suggest or lead one.

Thinking of leaving? Consider these things so you can leave in dignity and on good terms. 

Need a reference? These often call for  time, consideration and creative writing, even a followup phone call.  How about writing a reference on Goggle for The Wharf Hub.

The house vacuum is not for cleaning your cars. Caltex charge because it costs money to run a vacuum. (bags, power, repairs, depreciation) It is not included in your rent. A workshop vacuum is now available. A reciprocal  act is invited. Taking some rubbish to the recycling centre or leaving a Google review is good.

Mail forwarding. Exchanging texts etc can be time consuming for Lloyd to deal with. A forward charge of $10 per item on top of postage can be charged or offer an exchange like cleaning windows.

Rubbish. No one wants your old shoes, camping gear, smelly sox and jerseys. It's waste, your rubbish and will cost to take to the dump in both time and disposal fees. Be fair. Don't leave managing your waste until the day you leave. Don't just fill up a black bag and skip away. Either take it to the Recycling Center yourself or arrange finances for disposal with Lloyd.

Check your room carefully for items. Forwarding left behind articles cost time and money. Expect $20 extra charge for such service.

See updated list of extra to accommodation sheet inside the house.

The leaving time is 10am. A late leaving fee of $10pp can apply if you are still not underway by midday. If you are still here by 5pm then a full days rate applies.

We hope you consider you have been treated fairly during your stay and leaving with all these things attended to shows that you respect your host and stay at The Wharf Hub. Thank you.

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