Voyages come included in your accommodation cost.  They are not in any way a compulsory or an expected part of your stay.

They are designed to be self directed activities that you can choose from and undertake as and when you like.  Alternatively if relaxing with book and doing nothing is more you, then go for it.


Our 'focus' themes or questions are suggestions only, provided in good faith as hopefully helpful and meaningful guides. They are prompts to centering ones-self, to mindfulness, call it what you will.

Most activities are also built around the local highlights of the area, and are within easy walk, bike ride or minutes drive away from The Wharf Hub.


There are other very accessible highlights too, like the Tarawera Falls and lake, the natural Rere Rockslide, first  to see the dawn of a new day at East Coast lighthouse and so on. These often take a bit more planning for a full day trip  to make the most of.