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Zeand Fishing Experience


So you want to experience Zeand Fishing? Great.

There's four distinctive parts to our 'Zeand Fishing' voyage.


Firstly you are welcomed and challenged to discover something of the history of the area you will fish.  Fortunately there's a long Youth Art mural and Historic Society story board set on the Opotiki Wharf to act as springboards. We'd like to hear about fishing in your area too. Zeand fishers know the value of  'connecting' to an area that may be new to you.

The second phase is our 'preparation' phase. Yep, checking tides, weather forecasts, last minute planning,  personal preparation, now we get out the rods, lures, bait, nets, spears and whatever else you might need, and go fishing.  It's here also that we take time and remind ourselves that fishing is about making a connection, between yourself, nature and the fish. Right outside The Wharf  Hub along the river banks good hard fighting kahawai (sea trout)  and patiki (flounder) can be caught.


But wait. Before we charge off to the rivers and sea, there's an  essential phase we describe as 'invoking the spirit' . In Maori cultural terms 'utu' is a concept of reciprocation or balance.  If we don't do anything for the fisheries except take, is it really surprising that our catch quotas keep going down? We undertake practical ways of honoring the fish, giving back, and helping to grow more fish in our rivers and sea. Here is where Zeand fishing differentiates itself, for experienced fishers  know the value of mental and spiritual connection.


Our fourth part is the 'celebration phase' when we come together to share in the harvest, reflect and enjoy a feed.  Smoked fish, marinated fish, steamed fish, sushimi, whitebait and more can all be on the simple menu, caught fresh by you.


Stand alone core cost for the Zeand Fishing experience includes all gear you might need, tuition, baits, use of facilities at The Wharf Hub. Cost $150 per person for the three hour voyage experience.

'Zeand Fishing' can also be undertaken together with other fishing experiences such as from Kayaks, Beach fishing or Future Oceans voyage. This gives you opportunity to fit with tides, and optimum fishing times of mornings and evenings.  Let us know your advanced planning thinking so we can tailor an expedition especially suited for you.