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Welcome aboard.

At the 'Wharf Hub' we like to carry on a tradition of welcoming 'voyagers' who are seeking to discover a more meaningful way of living; those who travel seeking to unravel something of significance to themselves and simultaneously help regenerate the local community they are visiting.

Whether it's land based Sea Gardening workshops, Zeand Fishing on the sea or river, or involvement with the affiliated  Opotiki  Community REAF Trust, we aim to make your experience both personally transformative, of benefit to our marine world and to the local community. 

The Wharf Hub center offers a glimpse into a future where our thoughts are attuned to working intimately connected with nature and enriching the community we live in. For many this may involve a shift in mind set.

The Wharf Hub sits amidst one of New Zealand's poorest societies, but the town's tag line 'Opotiki by Nature' sets a visionary clue for a pathway to enriching it.
From Open Ocean Mussel aquaculture to a designated 'Community Reef' and Zeand Fishing,  our experiences  aim to develop a relationship with our marine environment that moves beyond being merely extractive to include reciprocating with nature.

Just to visit the Wharf Hub is to be transported back to a time when our rivers were our roads, to when sharing and caring were our welfare system. The Opotiki Wharf is set to  again becoming a significant hub for the town. We invite you to voyage with us.

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