With its lofty Mission statement of 'Enhancing marine life and human well-being', The Wharf Hub was always going to be a bit different.

​In 2021 its time for The Wharf Hub to be adapting again. Prompted by a new Covid19 world being thrust upon us and the decline of exploring overseas back packers staying at The Wharf Hub, we need to change also.


We will still be offering accommodation (Berths) but our unique 'Voyages' will morph into one ~  'Zeand Fishing ... and the Art of Meaningful Living.'

As the Chinese proverb goes : 'Tell me and I'll forget; Show me and I may remember; Involve me and I'll understand'.


You can find out more on this web site, but you'll probably forget it. 
We can show you on our AirBnB Experiences site, you may remember some.

But if we involve you at The Wharf Hub we think you will understand.


​To stay at the Wharf Hub is to take a voyage back in time, to when our rivers were our roads and imagining many staying at the Wharf Hub waiting for their ships to arrive or depart.


Zeand Fishing is a mostly experiential.  We can offer individuals or organizations the  opportunity to explore Zeand Fishing ....Meaningful Living as a helpful concept to better living. 

If you are looking for a retreat experience where you will be pampered with glasses of expensive champagne, massaged, have snowy mountain top views, then sorry but you are at the wrong place, although we do get beautiful sunsets here. 


Feel free to dive around our web site and discover more about The Wharf Hub and Zeand Fishing and how it might benefit you or your organization.

​We'd love to welcome you aboard for a short while as you voyage to discover our mysteriously incredible world.