Sheep from W.Walker of Tirohanga bound for Argentina via Opotiki Wharf.JPG

Welcome aboard.


Going back in time to when our rivers were our roads, Opotiki Wharf was a busy place.

Many stayed at the private home of William Walker, overlooking the wharf, as they waited for suitable tides and sea states for their ships to sail. 


Now renamed 'The Wharf Hub', we like to carry on this tradition of hosting 'voyagers' who are traveling looking to expand their horizons in life.  While The Wharf Hub accommodation offers free to explore 'Voyages' suggestions, our integrated related sister venture 'Zeand Fishing' offers guided voyages.

We have a variety of room options, but all facilities at the house are shared. Sharing is commonly part of the voyaging experience as it must have been in earlier times as well. It's not for everyone, so staying elsewhere and partaking of the guided Zeand Fishing voyages is quite acceptable.

The Wharf Hub is not a luxury lodge retreat where the focus is on you getting pampered with champagne, chef prepared meals, spas and massage.

We aim to offer an alternative 'voyage' experience that pampers you some fundamental experiences in developing a more meaningful life.   It is founded in scientific research, Maori cultural understandings and things that work. More walk than talk.

Outside The Wharf Hub is the start of the Motu Trails cycle and walkway, summer swimming water park, all year round river fishing, and river kayaking. Close by too are bush walks, glow worms and more. Out on the ocean is the Opotiki Community Reef and Open Ocean mussel farm.

With its lofty Mission Statement of 'Enhancing human well being and marine life', The Wharf Hub was always going to be a bit different.