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Our flagship Sea Gardening experience


Indigenous Sea Gardens produced bountiful seafood for centuries by focussing on reciprocity and the common good.

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Our guided land based workshop includes practical skill development, reef module construction, equipment, materials and later GPS deployment certificate.

It also involves the development of a certain mindset that can be caught through a number of experiences we outline on our other 'Voyages' page and even by exploring our 'Blogs'.

Overnight accommodation at the Wharf Hub is often available. It is a shared facilities experience which some see as an opportunity for meeting other similarly minded folk. But we accept this is not to everyone's taste, so staying locally and attending the workshop during the day is quite acceptable. 

As a precurser, background exploration of the  local Opotiki Community REAF Trust web site is encouraged. (Free) and its Facebook page 'communityreef'.

Watching a backgrounding Power Point presentation and link to its video on 'Sea Gardening' is included in your workshop fee. 

A Certificate is later issued with your photo, module photo and deployed reef GPS location.

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