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Zeand Fishing -beyond catching


The Wharf Hub is also home to Zeand Fishing experiences where the focus is more on the other half of our Mission statement '... enhancing marine life." 

These are guided voyages, and as such take extra time, skills, equipment and so on to facilitate.  Costs can vary on numbers, time taken and so on. Please ask for a free quote beforehand.

We like people staying at The Wharf Hub but most of these guided voyages can be delivered independently of where you choose to stay in Opotiki.


After years of fishing experiences, fisher-folk commonly observe that there is more to catching fish than putting a baited line into the sea.  There are other 'mysterious invisible' forces at play too.

We commonly accept that tides are created by invisible forces acting between the land, sea, sun and moon. We call it a 'gravitational force' and think little more of it.

What mysterious factors might be at play that affect fish and fishing?  Zeand Fishing offers an open ended investigation into possible alternate ways to enhance our fisheries and catch fish. It's as much about awareness raising as it is about fishing and enhancing the marine world for future generations.

Expect your hooks to be baited with some choice pieces of science, philosophy, Maori lore, and other weird and wonderful lures.



The principles of Zeand Fishing are depicted within our  symbolic logo for Zeand Fishing (pictured here)


Fishing experiences can even be had right outside The Wharf Hub.