Zeand Fishing
Writing this page in the midst of the Covid19 worldwide pandemic, one wonders what its legacy is going to be? Many are already declaring it a wake up call to our universally poor relationship with nature.


In the world of fishing we have become ultimate hunters. 
We now access satellite information for water temperatures, locate fishing spots with GPS accuracy, use sonar to explore seabed relief and find fish, use drones to take our lines out and much more.

We excel at taking, but how often do we even think of giving back?  How can we practice reciprocity? 

Scientist tell us we have an environmental carbon dioxide problem, but what if we really have a relationship problem?

Zeand Fishing is as much about awareness raising as it is about fishing and enhancing the marine world for future generations.


The symbolic logo of Zeand Fishing seen depicted here on the boats bow represents four parts.   Zeand Fishing aims make connections between our actions (boating, fishing), growing our knowledge, and nuturing what we shall term the 'mauri' (Maori 'life force') of our seas and rivers. 

We hope too the skills you learn will help you in other areas of your life post-Covid.

May the fish be with you.