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Our core Voyage revolves around the science of 'Sea Gardening'.


This naturally connects to the other half of our Mission statement '... enhancing marine life.'

This is a guided land based voyage, and as such takes time, skills, equipment and materials to facilitate. It also takes a certain mindset that can be caught through a number of experiences we outline on other Voyages pages and even by reading through our 'Blogs'.

As a full restorative retreat experience we like people to be staying at the Wharf Hub, but this workshop Voyage is also delivered independently here (Book Air BnB Experiences) or even at a venue to suit you.

The first part of the Tour is about establishing some basic principles on which 'Sea Gardening' is established before the practical aspects of mixing concrete and marine art can be undertaken. 

Much of the science and perspectives that run through 'Sea Gardening' can also be found on the  local Opotiki Community REAF Trust web site.


They each acknowledge that there are other 'mysterious invisible' forces at play in the universe. We readily accept that tides are result of invisible forces between the sun, moon, land and the sea.

Expect your hooks to be baited with some choice pieces of science, philosophy, Maori lore, and other weird and wonderful lures.



The principles of Sea Gardening and Community REAF building are depicted within the symbolic logo, pictured here on the left.


This is a land based workshop. Sea Garden module construction can take place under shelter. Modules are deployed by volunteers at a later stage. A Certificate is issued with your photo, module photo and deployed GPS location.

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