New Harbour entrance opening toward end of 2023.
The vision of farming the open ocean waters has long been with us, but the reality is here now. 

Out in the ocean off Opotiki you can visit three unique ventures are currently underway. (2022)

Firstly the Opotiki Harbour is being extensively redeveloped.  New break-walls will offer a safer all tides passage for vessels, and its expected the concrete hanbars and rock will quickly offer a rich haven for crayfish. 
A Community Reef to help ensure a supply of healthy fish protein into the local Opotiki community lies some 3km out from the harbour entance. 
Further out again just off the horizon about 12 km offshore, lies the expanding Open Ocean Mussel aquaculture farm, with a vision of helping feed the world.

All ventures are founded in sustainable Maori tikanga ethics.  All are perhaps unique in the world.

If you have your own boat now, then you can explore these three ventures yourself. Bar crossing is still necessary. 

Our facebook page (search 'community reef') gives locations of reef spots.  You can anchor close by and catch your dinner. 
On the mussel farm you are free to tie up to any of the farm buoys and catch your dream fish.
If you are staying at The Wharf Hub then we have fish filleting, and fish fridge facilities available.


​With legendary East Cape, White Island and Motohora Islands as backdrops, an exciting voyage on the sea is assured.


Currently Opotiki Fishing Charters skipper Mike Ruru 0272686190 is able to take out 4. For larger groups charter boats operating out of Ohiwa and Whakatane are available.