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Opotiki Community REAF Trust

On a voyage to enhance marine life and human well-being.
It is becoming increasingly evident that mankind is intimately inter-connected with his environment. The well being of each is dependent on the other.

This restorative venture offers an eclectic approach to marine enhancement, drawing on inspiration from Maori cultural treachings, science and the International Environment Forum.

For many decades now wild fisheries has been in decline.  We have become super efficient hunters with our sonars, GPS satellites, flasher fishing rigs and more. But we are also traveling further afield to catch ever dwindling fish stocks.

Fishing with a sustainable mindset is great. Recurve hooks, fishing for our needs not wants, utilizing all of our catch and more. But now is the era when we need to take an extra step, now is the era when we need to develop a true partnership with marine life and aim to create abundance for future generations.

Enhancing marine life can call for giving back to the moana (sea),  often through deploying marine enhancing materials and structure to the seabed. It's a true do good, feel good activity. An activity that both enhances marine life and human well-being.

To live, to holiday, to swim, just to look out upon a sparkling blue sea has a restorative effect upon us.  But we also need to know the sea is alive with its own marine life, that its 'Mauri' or life force is intact and growing.

Find out what you can do on our YOU CAN HELP page.

Connect with the marine world on a whole new deeper level.
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