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FREE Opotiki Fishing Guide and Log Form

Are we making a difference?

No matter where in Opotiki waters you fish, you can quickly and easily record your days fishing effort with our FREE to use on line fishing form.  

(Note we use Google Forms and Sheets to gather and record information.)


Recording our catch is both very eco and educational. Even kids fishing off the Opotiki Wharf can be involved. Who knows what will happen with wharf fishing once the new Harbour entrance and dredged channel opens in 2023? 

Trends similar to those calculated from commercial fisheries CELR ( Catch Effort Landing Returns) can be graphed from  many recreational fisher-folk submitting your fishing efforts.  Submitting a Log online will help develop and encourage recreational fishing in Opotiki. 

For those who like to keep a more detailed record of their catch as they go, print out our free downloadable hardcopy Fishing Log. 

Keep your own sheets or drop it in to our letter box at 16 Wharf Street. We use these more detailed forms to give us a 'snapshot' of fishing catches. 

If you have a non-fisher aboard your boat, then keeping a track of fish caught, times and tides is an ideal eco-activity for them. The Log also trains us to become more in tune with our marine world and even our inner selves, and make a connection between them.

Identifying information is kept confidential but overall fishing results and trends are collated seasonally - Winter fishing, Spring fishing etc, and published on our affiliated facebook page fb 'communityreef'.


REAF  - Real Eco Active Fishermen


Download your FREE Opotiki Fishing Guide and Log sheet here

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