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You Can Help

There's many ways you can help build the vision of an abundant marine world. This is an era when we can learn to move past being incredibly efficient hunters and takers, to a new realm of also giving back to our moana (sea).

While the Opotiki Community REAF Trust is able to undertake short training workshops, ideally we forsee varying organisations and ventures will take on the process of ongoing reef building, perhaps working with rangatahi (youth) or in the field of eco-tourism, and enhancing the Community reef area with shell and structures on a regular basis.

Deployed structures can be sponsored. Be it a Company, organisation, whanau or individual, anyone is able to directly sponsor a reef module or even an entire dedicated 'sea  plot'. This can be done in person or via internet. 
A reef module can display art work of sponsors choice.
A sponsored 'sea-plot' can be registered to you, your whanau (family), business or an organisation's name.

Current guidelines for reef modules are that they

  • must be of such a weight as they are not likely to significantly move

  • can contain up to 50% non toxic recycled material

  • must be personalised with original art or name

  • must contain an aspect useful to marine life

All reef  materials will directly contribute to building up an enhanced marine area for fish. (Charted NZ542)  Your reef module or sea plot  will act together with other sea-plots to create an enhanced fishing area for all the community.

More details are to follow in 2023.

Like every other charitable organisation we sincerely appreciate people like yourself making a donation. It's true that every bit helps. Undertaking marine work is costly. Ongoing research, Resource Consents, vessels, materials, etc.

Giving can be done directly via our PayPal Donate link shown on this page. It accepts Credit and Debit cards whether you are a registered PayPal customer or not. Be sure and keep your receipt for tax deduction purposes.

Alternatively if you are a New Zealand citizen you can make a Bank transfer donation to our KiwiBank account.
Opotiki Community REAF Trust 38 9024 0060447 00.
If you seek a receipt for tax deduction purposes, please email us with your name, date and amount of deposit and we will email a receipt back.

Even simple actions such as 'Liking' and 'Follow' our facebook page 'community reef' helps us.  The more people we have following the reef, the more weight it adds to applications for funding. (fb link found in our footer)

Spread the word yourself, so that if you, your workplace or a keen fisho you know may be thinking of making a bequest to a Charitable Trust, they might investigate and choose to donate to Opotiki Community REAF Trust.  A 'sea-plot' can be registered to them.

Complete and submit our on line FREE Fishing Log. The more people that submit their fishing Log, the more accurate will be our findings. There's nothing like seeing results from a combined team effort.

These are all practical things that you can do, but our Logo has four parts. There's the practical things we do (the hook part),  our spirit aspect (middle wavy line) and there's also our knowledge line.  The oval represents the linking or connecting of all three. 

So if you are fishing out in Opotiki waters or on the Community Reef area, we ask that you bait up with all your best know how they go, consideration, giving, patience, detachment, thankfulness and so on.


May the fish be with you.

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