Life buoys a.k.a life savers

Life buoys are thrown to someone in trouble in the water, they save lives. It might be thrown for someone else or equally it might be thrown for you.

Oft times in life we find ourselves in uncharted or unfamiliar waters on our life voyage. 

This guided voyage  is particularly geared for those who might like be staying at the The Wharf Hub and would like to explore an issue that may be troubling them.

The topics are a step up from the cup of tea and chat level, and are more educational rather than analytical.


It covers some basic topics that are considered helpful in understanding our selves, how we as humans work,  how to help others and plan for what inspires you.

The format is flexible but can include relevant short information topic sheets or even recommended reading and reflections.

Such topics can include:

Differentiating between values and virtues.

The mind works like a computer.

Using our feelings as navigation lights.

How exercise works to overcome depression.

Helping through reflective listening.

Developing balanced meaningful lives.