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Sea Gardening


aka 'Seabed Enhancement'

 or Maori  'Tiaki Moana'

The focus theme of this experience is giving back. In Maori tikanga it is 'utu' or the practice of reciprocity. 

We have become the ultimate hunters of marine life with our fancy lures, scuba, GPS and undersea fish finders, but when do we give back?

Sea Gardening gives us that opportunity. Its practice connects us back in touch with our marine world, and our higher selves.

While we readily accept that tides are result of invisible forces between the sun, moon, land and the sea,  Sea Gardening acknowledges that there are other 'mysterious invisible forces' at play in the universe that we can use. 

Expect your hooks to be baited with some choice pieces of science, philosophy, Maori lore, and new era thinking. 


The broad key principles of Sea Gardening and Community Reef building are depicted within the symbolic logo, pictured here on the left.

The three lines represent our actions (hooked line), invoking the spirit (wavy line) and our knowledge line (lower straight). The oval represents our connection with all our lines.

A quick overview of Sea Gaerdening, around an hour, is delivered by OCR Trustees and a koha (donation) toward the research and development work of the Trust is asked for via Bank transfer. Please phone to arrange a suitable time.

Our more intensive 3 day retreat like workshop can be booked with a minimum of two people.  Accommodation can be at The Wharf Hub. Go to our next page to discover the workshop program details.

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