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- Recreating Enhanced Areas for Fish

aka 'Seabed Enhancement'
 or Maori  'Tiaki Moana'
The focus theme of this workshop experience is giving back. In Maori tikanga it is 'utu' or the practice of reciprocity.  We have become the ultimate hunters of marine life, but when do we give back?

​The first phase of this voyage is about sharing with each other our personal fishing and environment stories from all over, getting to know a bit about each other. Finding our unity as fisher-folk or environmentally concerned citizens.

The next phase is a garden meander, talk and power point show that covers some principles we employ in reef building. Here we cover the non- linear nature of our world, small consistent efforts creating change, unseen forces and the role of personalizing our efforts primarily through art as a way of  establishing a connection with marine life. 

The third phase revolves around the practical activity of actually building a basic reef module to be deployed in the designated Opotiki Community reef area.

The final phase has to do with taking pride in our creation, photographing and sharing. The actual deployment is carried out some time later, often by volunteers after concrete cures or weather conditions suit. 


Allow half a day for the Tiaki Moana workshop. Quoted costs for one or more inclusive of materials, safety gears and followup deployment certificate.